Health Care System


Four in every five Canadians believe that the demands placed on the health system by aging Baby Boomers will result in reduced access and lower quality care, a poll commissioned by the Canadian Medical Association reveals.In that document, the CMA, the group representing Canada’s 72,000 physicians, argues that the current health system cannot meet future needs, in part because of the aging population. It calls for significant changes, including a universal prescription drug plan, a charter that enshrines the rights of patients, an independent body that can monitor whether health dollars are being spent efficiently, and monetary incentives for doctors and hospitals to treat more patients. The proposals are based on the premise that health care in Canada needs to be more patient-centred, with a greater focus on prevention and ensuring that geography, income level and age are not a barrier to getting quality, timely care.For example, the survey found that, among Canadians under the age of 46, 44 per cent said they were willing to buy private health insurance to supplement the publicly funded system; 37 per cent said they would also buy insurance to ensure their long-term care when they were elderly; and 29 per cent said they would save specifically to pay for health costs after retirement.

How to Stop Snoring

What exactly is snoring? Snoring is the noise that is created by the soft palate and other tissues of the mouth, the nose and the throat which is caused by the fractional blockage of the airway. The problem of snoring has spread all over the world. This problem gets worse with the progressing age. Physiological changes which take place in our body and the changes in our lifestyle makes us more prone to snoring and have an effect on large numbers of both men and women. This problem is more familiar in men and in the people who are overweight.

Self-cures for snoring

Gentle snoring that is not associated to sleep apnea act in response well to home remedies. Finding a cure for your snoring problem can result in a superior quality of life for you and for your dear ones. Undertake some of the self-help tips below to avoid or lessen your snoring.

Stop smoking and lose weight Losing weight will help to prevent snoring by reducing the fatty tissue in your airway. Your ability to breathe freely when you sleep can be improved considerably by eating less and improving your fitness level. Stopping smoking will help you to prevent from snoring. Reducing exposure to smoke can also help you with the noise and intensity of your snoring. Improve your sleep posture Sleeping on your back will more likely worsen your snoring problem. The soft tissue which are at the back of your throat and tongue are more likely to glide backwards to block your airway. Changing your sleeping position to your side will help mild snorer to cure snoring on the whole. Breaking the habit of sleeping on your back might be tough initially. However you can try the “tennis ball trick”. In this trick one has to sleep with a tennis ball or any other ball more or less of the same size attached to the back of your pajama top. You can stitch a pocket at the back of your pajama top and then put the tennis ball in it. Sleeping on your back will be not that comfortable and you will respond by turning on your side. Soon you will build up the habit of side-sleeping and no more need the tennis ball. Elevate your head Sleeping with pillows can cause blockage in your airways due to bending of neck. Thus to prevent snoring you should avoid sleeping with pillows. Specially designed pillow can be used by snorers which are available online or at any specialty stores. You can also lift your bed to a higher position which will help you to stop snoring. Elevating your bed by four inches will help you to make your breathing easy and encourage your tongue and jaw to move forward. Using a pillow while sleeping can cause a fold in the neck which helps in contributing to snoring. Thus elevating the whole head of the bed can be more helpful to stop snoring. The easiest way of changing the angle of the mattress is by placing rolled up towels under the head of the mattress.


Benefits Of Home Health Care

Do you care for an elderly parent or loved one who suffers from decreased mobility? Many time older persons can benefit from the use of a cane. Folding Sticks are much easier for them to handle While some seniors are still able to move around with the help of a walking aid, some seniors experience immobility that confines them to their bed. Oftentimes, the circumstances surrounding the senior’s health condition will require family members to make adjustments in their schedules in order to provide care. There are times when bed-bound seniors need care but family members have other obligations. At this moment, family members should consider the services of a professional. A home caregiver from a reliable Bethesda home care agency can offer peace of mind to overwhelmed family care givers and a high level of care to a bedbound senior. Other benefits of home care for bedbound seniors includes. Nursing homes and assisted living communities charge a per month rate that is often expensive. With home care, you can choose when care is provided and you are only required to pay for the hours in which a home caregiver is being utilized. When relatives have to admit their bed-bound seniors to nursing homes, they often feel guilty. They really don’t want to leave them there, but circumstances have forced them to make this decision. Hiring a home health professional alleviates guilty feelings because bed-bound seniors are able to live at home. There are many tragic stories about the poor manner in which elderly patients are often treated in nursing care facilities.

Although relatives diligently research prospective facilities, the level of care is not able to be monitored on a daily basis. Family members are able to closely monitor the actions of home health care professionals.Although the bill passed by the Senate has been depicted as using coercive means to require those currently uninsured to buy insurance they cannot afford, or as imposing additional new taxes on the American working man and family, that bill is based on a fundamental lack of understanding of how the health care needs of the nation’s poor are currently served.Another rejected proposal is to allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines, thus increasing the competitive pressure to provide affordable insurance.

Health Care Responsibility

Being educated does not mean that you need to have a medical degree or even a high school diploma; it means that you know how to get and transmit critical information. Having a system to organize and communicate your health information will significantly improve health care.  You need a system to organize your medical information.  Having this information improves the relationship with your doctor and having a good relationship with the physician who serves as your primary care provider is an essential step to getting optimal health care.The current capitalistic health care system focuses on profit instead of patient care.  This does not mean that you cannot receive great health care in the current system.  It does mean that you will have to do more than have a good doctor.  You need to take responsibility for your health care.  Health care responsibility includes understanding your health and disease states, organizing your health information and communicating it with the system. Millions of Americans went to the polls on Tuesday, feeling anxious about the economy and health carereform, and yielding election results that gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives and weakened the Democratic majority in the Senate. Republicans picked up at least 60 House seats and at least six Senate seats in the election, removing Democrat Nancy Pelosi from her powerful position as speaker of the House and putting Republicans in charge of House leadership and committees.The Republican sweep extended from coast to coast and removed more than 30 Democratic incumbents from the House of Representatives, including Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton, Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt and Transportation Committee Chairman James Oberstar.

Exit polling shows more than eight in 10 voters feel the economy is the No. 1 issue facing the nation, and three times as many people believe it is getting worse rather than better. Health care reform followed as the second-most important issue for voters during this election cycle. According to political strategists, Republicans could also use the oversight authority of Congress to slow down or block regulations, essentially stalling the law’s progress. Congressional hearings are likely to focus on the impact of the immediate reforms on costs and coverage, the outlook for reforms that take effect in 2014 and stronger direct oversight of federal regulators. Additionally, the annual appropriations process is likely to serve as a battleground for health care reform issues, with a focus on funding for federal agencies involved in the implementation process.